LUMO – Multidisciplinary Reform of Child Welfare

LUMO multidisciplinary child welfare reform project started in November 2020 in Central Finland. The project is part of the development program for child and family services in Eastern and Central Finland funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health during 2020-2022. The project’s development work involves clients, professionals working with children and families, and key partners and stakeholders in Central Finland area. All municipalities in Central Finland are committed to the project’s implementation.

The project aims to strengthen and develop child welfare and family services through the principles of co-development with various operators, joint planning, and joint evaluation. Its aim is permanent structural change in child welfare and services so that municipalities, and especially children and families, can truly benefit from the results of the developmental work.

The project’s goals are to:

  1. Improve the participation and inclusion of child welfare clients in their own cases,
  2. Reform and improve child welfare work and the work of the multidisciplinary network involved in the daily lives of child welfare clients in both basic and specialized services,
  3. Promote the awareness and application of a systemic operating model in child welfare and its partners.

The project, therefore, aims to strengthen the systemic approach to child welfare work in municipal and regional level in the services for children and families. The project focuses on working closely with all municipalities in Central Finland to promote the development of services for children and families with various partners of child welfare.