Experiences Made Visible – Good practices and challenges in elderly cohousing

The Experiences Made Visible – Good practices and challenges in the elderly cohousing project highlights experiences related to elderly communal living. The project ended in the beginning of 2021.

The project collected information about good practices and challenges in cohousing from residents, cohousing implementors, and municipal representatives. What good practices were at the example site? What challenges have they encountered and how have their problems been solved? What does community mean to them and how does it show in their everyday lives?

The residents appreciated safe and peaceful housing the most, which indicates that sense of community can mean different things to different people: for some it is about communal activity and for others it is simply the awareness that other people live nearby. The challenges in cohousing are related to the physical environment, participation, and the long-term organization of activities. Good practices can answer elderly community needs (Tuokkola, 2016): combating loneliness and promoting belonging and participation, self-realization, and sense of security.

A guide to elderly cohousing (in Finnish) was compiled on the project. The guide is supplemented by a background report (in Finnish) and Good practices and challenges in multigenerational cohousing – internship report (in Finnish).