Child Welfare Work Partnership Model

Koske is providing child welfare specialist services to all municipalities in the Central Finland region until 31.12.2022 under the Child Welfare Work Partnership Model project. During this time the service is free to all municipalities. There are two social workers in the project, one of whom is employed by the city of Jyväskylä to work directly on the project.

The project originated from the Future Health and Social Services Centres project funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. One component of the project in Central Finland is the coordination of services for children, youth, and families through multidisciplinary health and social services centres. The project’s goals include improving the quality of social work for children and families as well as increasing work effectivity and saving costs.

The project provides support to the field of child welfare for challenging situations across the region. Consultation assistance, work partnership support, support for decision preparation, mentoring, and training are offered to municipal child welfare social workers. Each client situation always requires that the municipality’s own social worker with liability for acts in office is working on the case in addition to child welfare specialist.