Child Welfare Specialist

Until 31.12.2022, KOSKE is providing child welfare specialist services to all municipalities in the region under the Child Welfare Work Partnership Model project. During this time, the service is free to all municipalities.

A child welfare specialist is:

  • An experienced child welfare social worker
  • An experienced educator
  • A PRIDE coach

A child welfare specialist can act as a working partner for a municipal employee or be part of a wider working group in matters such as:

  • Assessing child welfare needs
  • Implementing child welfare in non-institutional care and foster care; this service is also available to clients under the Social Welfare Act
  • Preparation of taking a child into protective custody
  • Assessing the termination of a protective custody arrangement
  • Post-custody work after child’s return to home
  • Assessments of issues related to foster care, and connections surveys of close relatives

Work support is also offered for

  • consultation (individual and group consultations)
  • preparation of document summaries
  • introduction training in child welfare to new employees from practical and professional guidance perspectives
  • educating partners of child welfare about the basic functions of child welfare, and supporting practices of cooperation in local network
  • mentoring, which is an opportunity for a child welfare worker to discuss and contemplate everyday work with a more experienced child welfare professional

During the Child Welfare Work Partnership Model project, the child welfare specialist’s services cannot be reserved by a municipality on monthly basis; the work of child welfare specialist is case specific.

In addition, a child welfare specialist

  • coordinates the regional child welfare task force
  • coordinates the regional child welfare multidisciplinary expert group
  • participates in the development work of regional health and social welfare reformation project
  • acts as a coordinator for the Central Finland VOIKUKKIA activity (see more about VOIKUKKIA activity)

Contact information:

Child welfare specialist
Katja Salminen-Lahtinen
Matarankatu 4
Tel. 044 265 1064