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The Centre of Excellence on Social Welfare in Central Finland (Koske) is an organization that develops services and know-how on social welfare in Central Finland. Koske provides and coordinates networks for professionals, municipal agents, and everyone interested in developing social welfare and wellbeing.

The function of Centre of Excellence is based on the Government Decree on the activities of social welfare know-how centres (13.12.2001/1230). There are 11 Centres of Excellence on Social Welfare that are based on different regions. They function on regional level as statutory operators providing statements regarding the development of social welfare and changes in legislation. The statutory funding is provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

What Koske does?

Kosken julkaisuja, Matara ja yhteistyö

The main objective is to establish a regional, flexible and acknowledged community for professionals in social affairs and others to develop social welfare. This is achieved by…

…  supporting the long-term development work of social welfare in the Central Finland region. Koske ensures that the development activities meet the needs of municipalities, the region of Central Finland, and the National Social and Health Development Program. The operational models are tested and developed in cooperation with different agents. The goal is to form a successful continuum from a development idea to a permanent practice.

 … collecting, combining and forwarding the current academical knowledge and practical know-how of social welfare. Koske organizes different kinds of discussion forums for professionals, researchers and education providers, and tries to make the tacit knowledge of the field visible. In addition, Koske promotes applied and multidisciplinary research.

… consolidating the professional competence in the field of social welfare. Koske is a place for peer support and peer learning. In addition, the Centre of Excellence produces and develops methods, consultancy practice and services on social sector. As a flexible and proactive agent in the field of social welfare, Koske anticipates the needs for additional training to improve further the competence of the professionals of social affairs.

Koske also provides services for municipalities. These services are: the social welfare ombudsman, the expert social worker for child welfare, the multi-professional team for child welfare, consultancy services for child welfare, and the consulting early childhood special education teacher.

Contact information

Marja Heikkilä
phone: 0400 546 613
email: firstname.lastname@koske.fi (ä=a)

Sivi Talvensola
senior coordinator
phone: 0400 904 663
email: firstname.lastname@koske.fi

Matarankatu 4
40100 Jyväskylä